Liquid Nutrition

Some people have issues that prevent them from getting adequate nutrition from regular food.  Whether it is digestive issues, problems with mouth or teeth, or the inability to tolerate solid food, liquid nutrition products can help these individuals to maintain a proper diet.  Ensure is available for regular diets and Glucerna is available for diabetics.

Over the past few years, Western Carolina Community Action (WCCA) has managed this program for Henderson County.  Effective in 2019, the Council on Aging is transitioning into ownership of the liquid nutrition program.  On January 1, the Council on Aging assumes responsibility for the under 60 program.  Pending funding, we will assume ownership for the 60+ liquid nutrition program on July 1, 2019.

If you are interested in the liquid nutrition program, please complete the referral form below or call us at 828-692-4203.


Clients or their designated representative may pick up product at the Council on Aging on Monday through Friday, 11:00am through 4:00pm.

Please do not come earlier due to Meals on Wheels traffic.