Caregiver Services

Those who care for loved ones with long-term physical or cognitive ailments can experience anxiety, stress, and burn-out.  Our caregiver specialist can assist you in accessing the resources that may be available and provide ongoing support in your journey.  If you qualify for respite care services, you may be able to receive a grant that will help to cover the costs of in-home services or adult day care.  These services enable the caregiver to get a much-needed break from their responsibilities.

To talk with our caregiver specialist, call 828-692-4203.

Respite Care Eligibility Requirements:

  1. The care recipient must be at least 60 years of age or be under the age of 60 and have Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia
  2. The care recipient must require assistance with at least 2 activities of daily living or have significant memory loss.

If you or someone you know may qualify for a respite care grant, call our office or complete the application online: