Staff Directory


Trina Stokes, Executive Director (email)

Betsy Kelsey, Finance Director (email)

Keith Logan, Director of Operations (email)

Christy Zbylut, Volunteer Coordinator (email)

Michele Linson, Front Office (email)

Meals on Wheels

Lynne Goodman, Client Services Coordinator (email)

Wendy McEntire, MOW Program Coordinator (email)

Sammy Williams Center

Debra Barlow, Site Manager (email)

Other Services







Roseanne Phillips (RN), Nurse (email)

Marina Kovalyova (BSW), Community Resource Specialist (email)

Suzanne Sherrill, Caregiver Specialist (email)

Thrift Stores

Deena Johnston,  Hendersonville Store Manager (email)






Louise Solomon, Etowah Store Manager (email)





Store Associates:

  • Caleb Bayne
  • Sylvia Bryson
  • Ingalisa Reiger
  • Cheryl Stanton
  • Judy Woelke

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Council on Aging for Henderson County serve as the governing body of the non-profit corporation. The Board is charged with determining general policy designed to accomplish the purposes of the organization, review, evaluate, approve projects, budgets and contacts for the organization. Additionally, the Board shall report to the community annually. Each Board member serves a 3-year term.

Kathleen Rodberg — President
Jill Hart — Vice President
Leanne Christensen — Secretary
Tracy Dyer — Treasurer

Erica Erickson
Lisa Kauffman
Nancie Lyles
David Maupin
Judy Warren