The Power of Giving

A couple of weeks ago, an anonymous donor from the community walked in with a cash donation specifically for widows. When asked if this was something she was familiar with personally, she said no. She had been reading scripture that referenced caring for widows and felt compelled to reach out to our agency.  She didn’t want a receipt. She didn’t want recognition. She just wanted to give.

“People often underestimate the power of giving” says Executive Director Trina Stokes “but the support we get from our donors impacts so many lives in our community. It’s always touching when we have someone reach out because they see a need and want to contribute what they can to help fill that need.”

Our case managers have begun identifying widows in our program and reaching out to identify needs. One of our clients recently passed and left behind his wife Evelyn. Furman Bennison was a vet and a loving husband and his wife wanted a way to remember him. When Caseworker Lisa Greene reached out and started talking with Evelyn, she learned they’d been married for 62 years. They decided on a rose bush as a way to honor her time with her husband, Furman. Through the gift of our anonymous donor, Furman will continue to give Evelyn roses every year.

People are inspired to give for many reasons. Know that when you give, you touch many lives in your community.


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